Best Whole House Water Filter to Remove Fluoride and Chlorine

Your water is full of impurities. Some are put there on purpose. While others are there because of inefficient filtering. How do you protect your family from these additives? And what’s the best whole house water filter to remove fluoride and chlorine?

Investing in a whole house water filter system would be your best bet. But there are so many to choose from. How do you know which is right for you?

Keep reading to find out your options to remove fluoride and chlorine from your water. And get you one step closer to healthier and cleaner drinking water from your tap.

Why Remove Fluoride?

Does your city add fluoride to the drinking water? Don’t be surprised because many cities do it.

What started out as good intentions has turned into a debate mired in controversy. Why?

At first, municipalities wanted to help promote dental health and prevent tooth decay. So they fluoridated the water. The problem lies in the fact that fluoride is a toxin and may cause different health problems after long-term exposure.

You do have some options to remove fluoride from your drinking water. Even if you can’t control the water that’s pumped into your home.

Option 1 – Deionization with Ion Exchange Resin 

Using a special resin, this deionization process traps fluoride ions. During this process, other ions are released or exchanged into the water. Deionization is commonly used to soften hard water. However, making sure it has an Ion Exchange Resin may also remove fluoride from your home’s water supply.

Option 2 – Activated Alumina 

This process uses activated alumina oxide. It’s made from a natural mineral called corundum. Because it attracts fluoride, activated alumina can capture and absorb it out of your drinking water. This type is relatively popular for households that want to remove fluoride from their water for their entire home.

Option 3 – Bone Char

Bone char is what it sounds like. It’s a form of carbon derived from charring animal bones. Usually, cattle bones are used for this media. This type of carbon filter works by attracting and exchanging ions with heavy metals and fluoride.

Though it can be used for whole house filters, you may want to take precautions when using this type of media. Be careful that the bone char source is medical grade. And it is not derived from the bones of infected or sick animals.

Why Remove Chlorine?

Water chlorination began as a way to free drinking water from dangerous pathogens. When used correctly, it can prevent the transmission of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, and worms.

However, too much chlorination can lead to health problems. And it’s also widely debated that exposure to chlorinated water may lead to serious long-term illnesses, including cancer.

Whole house water filters can remove chlorine from your drinking water and help keep your family safe.

Option 1 – Carbon 

One of the most common filter types available is carbon. It removes many types of chemicals from water, including chlorine. It’s also popular because it removes bad taste and smell that may be present in tap water.

They are typically available in 2 forms: carbon block and granular activated carbon. You may also see catalytic carbon mentioned, but it’s just an enhanced form of activated carbon. Unfortunately, this filter type is not effective in removing fluoride by itself.

Option 2 – Ultraviolet

This option may seem high-tech, and in some ways it is. Using a specific wavelength range can remove chlorine from water. Many point-of-entry, or whole house, water systems incorporate UV as one of their many stages of purification.

Whole House Water Filters that Remove Both Fluoride and Chlorine

One of the most important things to look out for when choosing a whole house water system is finding one that filters out both fluoride and chlorine. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic filter that takes out all contaminants.

A more likely scenario will have you look for systems that use a combination of purification techniques that coincide with your filtration needs.

The best whole house water filter to remove fluoride and chlorine is a multi-tier, and multi-media, water system. Point-of-entry systems are a big deal, and you will have to tap into your home’s water supply line, so you may not find your solution at a big box store.

Consider consulting with a water system specialist to have your water system custom tailored for your needs. This way you can also ensure that it has the correct filters to remove both fluoride and chlorine.

If you do decide to go with a store-bought system, make sure to read the claims carefully. Some systems don’t remove both fluoride and chlorine. Having a carbon filtration stage is a good indicator that both will be removed from your water, but it depends on the type of carbon filter that is included.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a whole house water system may be pricey. So expect to pay more than you would your typical point-of-use, or under sink, unit. Especially if you decide to have your water system custom made. Both the initial system, installation, and the upkeep of filter replacements is an ongoing expense that you may need to factor into your budget.


If you are having trouble deciding between manufacturers or models, go with the one that is certified. There are 3 different certifications to look for when checking out water filtration systems: ANSI, NSF, and EPA.

Systems that are certified by one or all of these organizations go through rigorous testing to make sure the units do what they claim.

Filters To Remove Fluoride and Chlorine 

Firstly, fluoride and chlorine can lead to a variety of diseases as a result of harmful pathogens. Secondly, water just tastes horrible when filled with fluoride and chlorine. 

Here are some of the best water filters on the market that can get rid of up to 99% of these harmful pathogens

1. Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter with Professional Installation Kit

2. iSpring WKB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

3. Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter


You have a few options if you want to remove harmful contaminants from your family’s drinking water. But the best whole house water filter to remove fluoride and chlorine may come down to personal preference.

Point-of-entry water systems are relatively expensive, so you may need to shop around for the best option and price point for your family’s needs. Take a look at custom systems as well as ones you can buy as a kit, and look at the manufacturer’s claims carefully. Not all systems are created equal.

Finally, make sure that the water filtration system you ultimately go with is certified to meet or exceed ANSI/NSF or EPA standards. 

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