iSpring Water Filter Review WGB32BM 3-Stage

As a homeowner, investing in a well can be a very healthy move. But as the water seeps through underground rocks, contamination with dirt, particulates, and naturally occurring metals is unavoidable. It’s for this reason that you need to invest in the iSpring WGB32BM 3-stage whole house water filtration system.

iSpring Water Filter Review WGB32BM 3-Stage

As the name suggests, the iSpring WGB32BM 3-stage filtration system – installed at the point of entry – is a system for water filtration and purification that works in 3 main stages. It’s specially designed to turn contaminated well water into fresh and clean water for home use.

The iSpring WGB32BM is an upgrade over the iSpring WGB22B-PB, which offers a 2-stage water filtration mechanism. The WGB32BM adds the 3rd stage that filters iron and manganese. This is what makes the iSpring WGB32BM the best whole house water filter for well water.

Of note is the fact that this system meets NSF/ANSI standards as confirmed through independent third-party testing.

Who is this Water Filter for?

The iSpring WGB32BM is a heavy-duty system built to handle highly contaminated water. In fact, that’s why the system is recommended for well water, which collects a lot of metallic elements and dirt as it seeps through bedrocks.

If you wish to have fresh, clean water at every point of output in your home, this system might be just what you need. It’s designed to install close to the water source before water distribution to various locations in and around your home.

The iSpring WGB32BM can also be used to cleanse city/municipal water sources that contain large deposits of iron, lead, and manganese.

Because of its improved technology and effectiveness compared to most competitors, this system is a little more expensive. It would therefore not be ideal for homeowners on a budget. At 21 x 8 x 27 inches, this system is quite large and would not suit you if you have limited installation space.

What’s Included?

In the box, you will find a fully assembled WGB32BM with three oversized filters designed to maximize flow rate. Noteworthy parts include:

  • 5 micron 20″x4.5″ sediment filter
  • 5 micron 20″x4.5″ carbon block
  • FCRC25B iron & lead reducing filters

Other items in the box include a filter housing wrench and an installation manual. These come in handy during installation and troubleshooting. The entire package weighs about 40 pounds.

Overview of Features

The first filter is made of polypropylene. It’s designed to combat and hold dirt and larger-sized particles that could clog downstream filters. This is the filter that holds the biggest percentage of insoluble contaminants.

The second filter blocks soluble contaminants including 95% of chlorine, pesticides, chloramines, and various other harmful chemicals. It’s the first of two 5 micron CTO block carbon filters.

An advantage of block carbon over other carbon media is that it’s finer and thus forms a more solid wall. This increases its effectiveness at trapping and removing targeted contaminants. The second filter also removes odors, smells, and bad tastes.

It’s the third filter that makes the iSpring WGB32BM the best whole house water filter for well water sources. This is because it’s engineered to hold 99% of iron, manganese, and other naturally occurring metals found in well water sources. In fact, this is the only filter that specializes in iron and manganese removal among all filters currently in the market.

As if that’s not enough, this filter can remove arsenic. To do so, you should add 30mg/L of FeCL3 and 0.5mg/L of chitosan. These compounds induce bonding between iron and arsenic, forming a solid compound that can then be filtered out.

1-inch input and output ports allow for seamless installation and ensure water pressure remains high beyond the filtration system.

How to Get the Most out of It

To get the most out of your iSpring WGB32BM whole house water filter, it’s important that you observe the following:

  • Ensure feed water has a temperature of 40F – 100F
  • Make sure the feed water has a PH of 3.0 – 11.0
  • Check that the water has a maximum pressure of 80 psi. Above 80 psi, you should incorporate a pressure regulator
  • Avoid installation at a location that subjects the filter to direct sunlight or some other temporary form of heating
  • Check for cracks and any form of damage to the filter immediately after opening the box
  • Turn off the water main and/or electricity during installation


To remove contaminants from well water, the iSpring WGB32BM is highly recommended. But since its filters are designed to remove contaminants with a size of 5 microns or more, smaller sediments seep through quite comfortably. The iSpring WGB32BM is also quite expensive compared to most filters. To solve these problems, you might want to check out the following:

  • Home Master HMF3SDGFEC: it performs at the same level as the iSpring WGB32BM but has greater dirt holding capacity and filtration down to 1 micron.
  • iSpring WGB32B: This is actually the 2-stage version of the iSpring WGB32BM and the two share common features. The iSpring WGB32B is less expensive but is best suited for water sources that are generally clean, i.e. not well water. It is a viable alternative if your source is the local water supply.


If you depend on well water to satisfy all the drinking and sanitary needs of your entire family, you need a filtration system that will keep each one of you safe from the plethora of contaminants present in the water. The iSpring WGB32BM removes up to 99% of metallic filtrates and is effective at holding soluble contaminants like chlorine and pesticides. Most importantly, its safety is tested and verified by independent third parties.

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  1. We live on a canal with very hard water, with iron. We have a Softener, but also need a good Water Filtration system, without spending a whole lot of money. I have your suggestions (1 & 2), but I am considering number 3). Can you give me your advice? Thanks. Dennis

    1) iSpring WGB32BM
    2) Home Master HMF3SDGFEC
    3) Pentek (Part#1601681) 1” BBFS-222 Three Housing Filter System
    Including: Cap – Polypropylene Housing – Polypropylene Bracket – Powder coated carbon steel O-Rings –
    Stage 1 Filter Pentek DGD-5005-20 – Gradient 20-Inch Water Filter
    Stage 2 Filter Pentek RFFE20-BB Radial Flow Iron Reduction Filter
    Stage 3 Filter Pentek RFC-20-BB Radial Flow Carbon (Granular Acvated) Filter

    • Hi Dennis,

      The Pentek BBFS-222 Three Housing Filter System is also a very good choice.

      It’s perfect if you live in an area where a lot of iron is present. There are things that could be better like the bracket for improved stability but considering the price, it gets the job done.

      I see Amazon have them currently for about $250.00 over here:


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