Home Master TMHP Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

Water is life. But, sourcing clean water can be a big expense. And, it involves a lot of research to pick out the right one for you.

Some water purifiers make the water taste funny. Or, it involves rocket science to install and maintain. But, who has time for all of that?

Home Master’s TMHP water filter system may be the answer to the clean water dilemma. And, takes the guess work out of providing clean, good-tasting water at home.

Home Master TMHP Review

Do you know what’s in the water you drink? Some people like to have their filtered water delivered. And, some buy it themselves at the store.

But, here’s a better solution: filter it at home. How much would you pay for clean water straight from the tap? With this filter system, it could happen.

The Home Master TMHP filter system delivers clean mineral water straight from the tap. And, it tastes good, too.

How clean is the water? This system takes out 98% of mineral contaminants. The system also sterilizes the water safely, removing 99.99% of microorganisms.

In addition, the pump for this system may reduce your water waste up to 80 percent. And, it may also increase the water efficiency from your tap by up to 50 percent.

Finally, you may recognize the product quality but not the name. This is because Home Master was previously known as “Perfect Water Technologies.” The name change was to reflect this manufacturer’s commitment to clean water in the home.

Who Is This Water Filter For?

This water filter system is for anyone who wants clean water from their tap. It’s a bit pricey to start with. So, anyone who buys it needs a good starter budget.

However, some may deem the cost savings is worth it in the long run.

Also, this system is relatively simple to install in the home. So, there is no need to contact a plumber. And, there is an installation manual in the box, as well as online videos and live support.

What’s Included?

The box contains everything a person needs to use the system straight out of the box. The purification unit is fully assembled. And, it includes the filters and RO membrane.

Also, a storage tank, feed-water adapter with shut-off valve, and chrome RO faucet are also included. Lastly, you get an RO adapter, power supply, and drain saddle as well.

Overview of Features

This water filter system is packed with features. And, it is one of the best RO systems available on the market. Key features include:

Modular filter design

First, the Home Master TMHP has an all-in-one modular filter design. This means that the filter housing and filter are integrated. And, the entire filter can be removed and disposed of.

This eliminates the possibility of microorganisms, sediment, and biofilm building up in the canisters. When that happens, it will ultimately weaken the canisters. And, this causes it to leak and fail.

Better tasting water

Some filter systems leave metallic, horrible tasting water. It may clean it, but the result is unpleasant to drink. This is not the case with this model.

This TMHP model produces clean water by putting it through 9 stages of cleaning. The system filters, purifies, sterilizes, and enhances the water before it gets to your drinking glass.

Also, the system re-mineralizes the water. This restores the pH balance of the water in the storage tank. And, may reduce the acidic taste typically associated with reverse osmosis-filtered water.

UV light

Don’t want to fight microorganisms with chemicals in your water? This model uses a UV light instead. It’s more effective than using chlorine, and doesn’t affect your water’s chemistry.

Filters easy to change

Changing the filters for this system doesn’t require wrenches or heavy tools. It doesn’t even require superhuman strength. The push-in fittings and design make it relatively easy to do the annual filter changes.

Better water efficiency

Next, don’t worry about slowing your faucet down to a trickle. The components for this unit are conducive to a higher flow rate. And, it almost doubles the water rate that flows from the tap.

Reduced water waste

Finally, did you know that reverse osmosis systems can waste a lot of water? In happens with a lot of systems.

But, the permeate pump included with this unit reduces water waste. This non-electric pump improves the unit efficiency. And, may reduce waste by up to 80 percent.

As an added bonus, the efficient system may also increase your water production by up to 50 percent.

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How to Get the Most Out of It

Are you a beginner to home filter systems? Do you know if you need a reverse osmosis (RO) system?

For a quick overview about RO systems, and how Home Master addresses these concerns, take a look at the link below:


Not everyone has the deep pockets that this water filter system model demands. So, for a budget-conscious shopper who still needs reliably clean water, take a look at these alternatives:

First is the APEC Top Tier ROES-PH75 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. This system is a 6-stage filtering system. That’s less than the Home Master TMHP, but it also costs a lot less, too.

This APEC system removes up to 99% of impurities using double carbon blocks before the reverse osmosis stage. It also produces alkaline water with calcium mineral cartridges. And, like the Home Master, this unit is also relatively easy to install and maintain.

Next, if you want to stay within the Home Master product line, take a look at the TMAFC-ERP Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System. This unit is less pricey than the TMHP unit with minimal differences.

It removes 99% of contaminants such as metals, chemicals, and solids. Also, the TMAFC-ERP model also features the same modular design and fast flow kit, too.

The main difference is that it does not include a UV light for microorganisms. And, it doesn’t remove iron to the extent of the other model.

However, many other key features are present in this more affordable model. And, makes a good option for those who want a Home Master but are on a budget.


Reverse osmosis water filter systems are one of the most desirable systems to have in the home. And, the Home Master’s TMHP system takes the benefits one step further. The designs address the inherent problems that RO systems have.

But, they do require an investment. And, for some the price may be out of their reach. In this case, there are other great options available like the less expensive TMAFC-ERP model.

Great water doesn’t need to put you in the poor house. So, even if you can’t afford a luxury-priced unit, there is one that is in the right price range for you.

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