Home Master TMAFC Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Review

Carrying heavy water containers isn’t fun, in fact, you’ve grown tired of it and just don’t want to do it any longer. So, you’ve gone and done your research and discovered that reverse osmosis systems provide you with perfectly pure water.

What’s more, you’ll quickly make back your initial outlay as you won’t be spending money on bottled water anymore. And, your back is screaming at you to go ahead with the purchase.

Following more hours of high-intensity research, you’ve come across the Home Master TMAFC. Now, you just want to find out whether this could be the right RO system for you. Well, stay put, because we are just about to review this system here.

Home Master TMAFC Review

The Home Master TAMFC Artisan Full Contact is one of 6 different reverse osmosis water filtration systems from the company. Making varying degrees of sophistication available to customers, the company has endeavored to manufacture a RO system for all needs and budgets.

A little more advanced than the Home Master TMAFC Standard, the Artisan does what all other Home Master TMAFCs do. It removes 99% of contaminants through 7 filtration cycles, while reintroducing minerals like calcium and magnesium for their health benefits.

In addition, the company has worked hard to counter some common RO system issues. To begin with, this system features larger tubes to increase the water flow rate.

Secondly, the push-in fittings make maintaining the system much easier.

Thirdly, the filter and filter housing are fitted together, so both get changed annually. As a result, the chances of leakage or build-up of micro-organisms are slim to none.

Finally, unlike other RO systems, the somewhat acidic purified water is forced through two re-mineralization processes.

What you end up with is pure, slightly alkaline water from a secondary tap on your kitchen sink.

Who Is This Water Filter for?

The Home Master TMAFC might be the best option for you if you’re looking for pure water but still want to consume minerals when drinking purified tap water. Furthermore, if durability and ease of maintenance are important to you, then this system is likely to satisfy your needs.

One of the drawbacks of this system is its water leakage rate. For every 1 gallon of water you get, you waste 4. So, if water conservation is your thing, this system is definitely not for you. The only way to counter this issue is to move up one step to the next Home Master TMAFC model and buy a permeate pump with the system. If you do, the water waste rate is only 1:1.

What’s Included?

On purchase, you get the following items:

  • Instruction manual
  • Purification unit featuring RO membranes and filter
  • Drain saddle
  • Storage tank
  • Chrome faucet and adapter
  • Feed-water adaptor plus shut-off valve

Note: All plastic parts are BPA-free.

Home Master TMAFC

Overview of Features

The Home Master TMAFC incorporates 7 cycles of water purification. Among them, the remineralization during which the system adds valuable calcium and magnesium. In addition, unlike other RO systems, this system doesn’t leave you with acidic water. This is because during the aforementioned process, the acidity of the water gets replaced by a marginal alkalinity.

This results in the water not wearing down the rubber membrane like it does in other RO systems. Hence, there’s no need for a secondary purification system at the end.

When it comes to contaminants, the system remover 99% including solids, chemicals, and, metals. However, the Home Master TMAFC doesn’t remove iron, nor does it get rid of micro-organisms.

As for the speed of the flow, well, this system features bigger tubes, hence the water flows approximately twice as fast. In addition, the parts fit together using a push-in mechanism, which makes maintaining the system as well as setting it up much easier.

No doubt, this is a good RO water purification system, however, the water waste ratio is 4:1, so for every gallon you produce, you lose 4. Only if you purchase a permeate pump with the system, can you reduce this ratio down to 1:1.

How to Install 

You don’t need to be a professional to install this system, in fact, you don’t even need any special tools. By following the 7 basic installation steps, you can have your RO system up and running within about an hour. These steps include:

  • Installing the RO system faucet
  • Fitting the feed water adaptor
  • Fitting the drain saddle
  • Mounting the filtration unit under the sink
  • Placing the tank under the sink
  • Connecting all the tubes
  • Getting the filtration system up and runningCheck out the instructional videos here.

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One of our major concerns was the waste water issue. Now, you could reduce the ratio down to 1:1 by purchasing the Home Master TMAFC permeate pump. But, we wanted to find out if you can buy a zero-waste RO system, and sure enough, you can.

The Watts Zero-Waste Under Sink Reverse Osmosis was designed to create zero waste. True, it will cost you more, however, you might like the peace of mind that no water is getting wasted.

Final Thoughts

The Home Master TMAFC is a good reverse osmosis water filtration system with lots of positives. For starters, it’s easy to install and maintain as well as affordable.

When it comes to the water quality, well, with this system, you even get valuable minerals in your pure water. What’s more, the Home Master TMAFC is designed to remove 99% of contaminants, so you’ll undoubtedly get pure water.

The only downside here is that it doesn’t remove micro-organisms or iron.

If you’re asking about water waste, it performs better than most systems, some of which have a ratio as high as 12:1 (waste: purification). At 4:1 it’s not bad if you’re willing to put up with this amount of waste water.

All in all, this system can indeed cater to your water needs, provided water waste isn’t a major issue for you.

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