Express Water RO5DX 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Review

Are you concerned about the environment and polluting agents that may be affecting your health? If you are, it is not without reason. New studies are published all the time claiming that something you usually eat or drink contains substances that may make you sick. Unfortunately, this is also the case with water. Many people end up buying bottled water to drink due to the pollutants that are present in tap water. Is there another solution? Yes, there is. Let us introduce you to the Express Water RO5DX, a reverse osmosis water filter system that’s going to purify your water.

Express Water RO5DX Review

The RO5DX is a water filtration system that is meant to be installed under your kitchen sink. It filtrates your kitchen water using a process called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is very popular nowadays since it is one of the most proficient and affordable filtration methods currently known.

Express Water is a specialist in filtration systems, and it has been in this business for over 25 years. The RO5DX is their most standard and reliable system, and there are several versions of it.

The ROALK5D has an extra filtration stage of small rocks, to increase the water’s pH and add minerals to it. The ROUV5D features an ultraviolet light to kill most germs, bacteria, and viruses present in the water. There’s also the ROALKUV5D, which is a combination of the previous two systems.

The RO10DPU is yet another version of the RO5DX, featuring a booster pump to add pressure to the water. Finally, the RODI5D features a deionization module to remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water.

Who is This Water Filter For?

If you’re here, then you’re probably on the lookout for a good water filter to install in your kitchen. If you’re not sure which one to get, or you just want a basic solution that does a good job filtrating water with no extraordinary features, then the RO5DX is for you.

Remember that the RO5DX has considerable dimensions, especially when you take the water storage tank into account. So if you are planning to get a water filter system for your RV or small apartment, this might not be the best solution.

What’s Included?

When unboxing the RO5DX, you’ll find that this system comes with everything you would expect and more. All required valves and tubes are there, and even some Teflon tape. Best of all, you get an extra 5 filters to save you the trouble of ordering the first replacement set.

All that is missing are some household tools required to perform the installation. The box contents are:

  • 5-stage reverse osmosis system
  • Drinking water storage tank
  • Designer faucet
  • Feed water valve
  • Drain saddle valve
  • Color tubing
  • Flow restrictor
  • Storage tank shut-off ball valve
  • Feed valve
  • Filter housing wrench
  • Extra locking clips
  • Leak stop valve
  • Teflon tape
  • Extra filter set

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Overview of Features

So, let’s take a look at the RO5DX’s specifications. The system can output a maximum of 50 gallons of water per day, which is reasonable, but not spectacular. Still, the storage tank means you can have 4 gallons of water at your disposal if you need a large amount of water quickly, which is nice.

This system works with the water’s existing pressure, so it should be at a minimum of 40 PSI, and a maximum of 80 PSI. It cannot handle hot water, so the feed water temperature should be between 38 and 100º F. It is not exactly lightweight, with a combined total of 28 pounds. Finally, the maximum TDS in the feed water should be 1000 parts per million (PPM).

Let’s take a look at the filtering stages. The first stage is a sediment filter that removes sediments from the water such as rust, dirt, sand, and silt. It is followed by a granular activated carbon filter to get rid of chlorine and organic chemicals, along with foul tastes, odors, and colors present in the water.

The third stage is a carbon block similar to the previous one, to remove anything that stage 2 missed. The difference is that this one is a block of carbon.

Last but not least, we have the top filters, stages 4 and 5. Stage 4 is a reverse osmosis membrane filter to remove most contaminants and chemicals that weren’t eliminated before. These include bacteria, viruses, TDS including cadmium, lead, and mercury. Stage 5 is a post-carbon that eliminates any remaining traces of chemicals, odors or bad tastes. For this reason, it can also be called the polishing filter.

How to Use It

Installing the RO5DX is not exactly a trivial matter unless you have some experience in plumbing. If you don’t, it is advisable that you seek the assistance of an expert.

Before starting the installation, you should make sure you have all the required material. This includes everything that comes in the product box, plus some tools:

  • Box cutter
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 1/4” drill bit for the waste line connection
  • 1/2” drill bit for the faucet hole
  • Wrench or adjustable wrench

You’ll find a proper express water reverse osmosis manual provided by Water Express.

The manual also includes some helpful tips on how to store the filters and perform maintenance on the system. Bear in mind that you will also have to replace the filters every now and then. Stages 1 to 3 should be replaced every 6 months and stages 4-5 should be replaced once a year.


While the RO5DX is a great water filter system, it may sometimes let some microorganisms slip by. If you are concerned about this, then try the ROUV5D, with an extra filter stage consisting of a UV light to get rid of viruses, bacteria, and even algae and fungi.

An aspect of the RO5DX that could be improved is its water output capacity, which is only 50 GPD. If you feel this is not enough for you, then try the RO10DPU. It works for waters with low pressure and can output a whopping 100 GPD.


We’ve looked at the Express Water RO5DX, a solid contender among water filter systems. Its 5 filtering stages are sure to make tap water in your home much safer to drink. With an affordable price and a complete package, it is quite a great buy.

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