APEC ROES 50 Reverse Osmosis Review

Are you concerned about the number of pollutants in the tap water you are drinking? Sometimes we can even taste some of these foul agents, like chlorine or fluoride. If you’re here, then you’ve probably already thought about addressing this issue.

But sometimes it is not easy to choose a solution. Water filtration systems come in many different shapes and sizes and use different processes to eliminate toxic substances from the water like the Apec ROES 50

This article will focus on a reverse osmosis water filter system, which is one of the most popular and effective types of filtering. The system in question is the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System, the APEC ESSENCE ROES-50.

APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Review

The APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Filter, Apec ROES 50 for short, is designed to filter drinking water for human consumption. It only filtrates water from a single outlet, usually the kitchen sink.

Due to the size of the system, along with the storage tank, the Apec ROES 50 is not portable and is meant to be installed under the countertop and inside a typical kitchen cabinet. The installation is more involved and permanent than with a portable system and may require the services of a specialized plumber.

The ROES 50 is part of APEC’s ESSENCE series of products, which is designed for the average family  with affordability and simplicity in mind. It has been around for a few years and since then APEC has released a couple of new versions, namely the ROES-PH75 and the ROES-UV75.

Both the PH75 and the UV75 are an improvement over the somewhat low flow rate of the ROES 50. The PH75 also features an acidic water neutralizer, while the UV75 features a UV light bulb to disinfect the water and rid it of harmful microorganisms.

Who Is This Water Filter For?

The Apec ROES 50 is perfect for those who want to improve the quality of the tap water in a relatively inexpensive way. It is a good solution if you require some fresh water on demand, thanks to its small water storage tank.

However, if you’re one to use a lot of water on a daily basis, you should consider a system with a larger capacity. The 50 gallons per day (GPD) flow rate at 60 psi is a reasonable number, but not outstanding.

You should also keep in mind that the installation is permanent, which means you won’t be able to just pick the system up and take it with you. So a portable solution might be better if you’re doing a lot of traveling or are staying at a rental home.

The large dimensions of the equipment are also a factor to take into account (16″x5.25″x 17.5″ system plus 11″x11″x15″ tank). If you live in a small home or RV, you may find a smaller solution to be a better alternative.

What’s Included?

The packaging of the Apec ROES 50 does not disappoint. It comes with almost everything you need to get the system up and running, apart from some common tools (a power drill, an adjustable wrench, and a screwdriver). It even includes a chrome faucet and some Teflon tape, which is a nice detail. To sum it up, here is everything you’re receiving with your package:

  • Company information leaflet
  • Instruction manual
  • 3 pre-filters for stages 1, 2, and 3
  • 2 filters for stages 4 and 5
  • Chrome faucet
  • Plastic wrench to open pre-filter housings
  • Parts bag
  • 4-gallon water storage tank

The parts bag includes some tools needed for the installation:

  • Colored tubing
  • Membrane wrench to open/close the membrane cap
  • Feed water adapter
  • Drain saddle
  • Tank ball valve
  • Teflon tape

This unboxing video might help illustrate what we’ve said so far:

Overview of Features

Being a reverse osmosis filter, the Apec ROES 50 does an excellent job of getting rid of impurities and toxic substances in the water. Bear in mind that this is not a portable system, and make sure you have enough room for it. The filtering section measures 16 x 5.25 x 17.5 inches, with the tank adding additional 11 x 11 x 15 inches. The total weight of the package is 26 pounds.

However, all this weight is there for a reason. Its 5 filtering stages are what make the ROES 50 one of the best water filtration systems in its price range. The first three are what APEC calls pre-filters.

The stage 1 pre-filter is a sediment removal filter that removes rust, dust, and particles from the water. Stages 2 and 3 are both carbon filters that eliminate foul odors, flavors, and colors from the water, especially those caused by the presence of chlorine.

The 4th stage is a reverse osmosis membrane filter that gets rid of most toxic substances in the water, such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, fluoride, radium, selenium, and even bacteria. Finally, the 5th stage consists of a coconut shell filter that removes any residual taste from the water before going into the storage tank.

The least impressive feature of the Apec ROES 50 is perhaps its humble water flow rate, which can be a problem with these systems since it takes time to push water through the reverse osmosis membrane. It is only capable of delivering 50 GPD at 60 psi or 30 GPD at 50 psi, both at 77º F. The 4-gallon tank capacity is also not huge, especially considering you don’t have the option of purchasing a higher capacity tank like you do with the RO-90.

The ROES 50 supports input water pressures ranging from 40 to 85 psi, and water temperatures from 40 to 100ºF, so it cannot handle hot water.

How To Use It

You should have basic plumbing knowledge to install the Apec ROES 50, so if you’re not confident enough, it is probably best to get some help or hire a specialist.

Assuming that is dealt with, the installation should take about an hour to complete. Video tutorials are available on FreeDrinkingWater’s YouTube channel which can be helpful. The tutorial is divided into 4 steps.

Step 1: Assemble the pre-filters.

Step 2: Install the system feed water and drain saddle. Make sure you know where you’re installing the unit first and that you have enough room for it.

Step 3: Mount the water faucet.

Step 4: Connect all the tubing.

As for maintenance, it is required to change the filters once in a while, according to the instructions in the user manual. Filters in stages 1-3 should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Stages 4 and 5 require replacement only every 2 to 3 years.


If you’re concerned about bacteria and viruses present in the water, there is a more effective filter in this regard. The ROES-UV75 adds another filtering stage, which is a UV light meant to remove all dangerous bacteria and viruses. As an added benefit, you also get a higher water flow rate of 90 GPD at 60 psi.

But if storage capacity is your major concern, perhaps you should opt for the RO-90. It also outputs 90 GPD, but you can purchase an optional 14-gallon tank with it to make sure you’ll never be short on fresh water.


We’ve looked at the APEC ESSENCE ROES-50, a reverse osmosis water filter system that delivers excellent value for the money. The filtering system is one of the best available, with the added bonus of a water storage tank.

If you’re thinking of buying a water filter system, then this is a no-brainer. Provided you have enough room for it, the ROES 50 is certain to improve the quality and taste of your water.

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