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Best Whole House Water Filter 2020

A whole house water filtration connects to the main water line so every water source in your house is treated. Read our guide to find out which are the best whole house water filters for 2020.

How to Test Water Quality

Testing the quality of your drinking water can help you determine what contaminants need to be removed. Read our guide on the various ways you can test the quality of your water. 

What Kind of Water Filter Do I Need

There are several types of water filters which remove different types of contaminants. Read our guide to find out about different types of water filters and which one is best suited for your needs.  

Discover Some of The Best Water Filters




APEX MR-3020

Main Benefits of Filtered Water

How Can Water Filters Benefit You and Your Family?

There are so many benefits to using filtered water, the list is endless. 

It removes over 2100 toxins, it is more affordable than buying bottled water, it improves overall health, and it is much healthier for children & pregnant women!

Removes Toxins

There are over 2100 toxins found in water and your municipalities may not be removing them all. With filtered water, these harmful contaminants are removed. 

More Affordable 

The initial cost of buying a water filter is worth it because you will save money from having to buy bottled water.

Improves Overall Health

The long term effects of chlorinated tap water can lead to many health problems. Filtered water is a better option and can greatly reduce the amount of toxins that enter our bodies.

Children and Pregnant Women

According to the EPA, lead in tap water can cause developmental problems in children and pregnant women. Filtered water can vastly reduce these harmful toxins.

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